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To be continued...

Dear readers,

We Laugh was something so great to me. It was something I felt empowered to do; it was part of my mission in life. Because of this blog so many opportunities came into my life and I was able to reach hundreds of others who only enriched my life and made me a stronger person.

It's been a little over four years since I lost Nathan, and I am still searching for ways to share his legacy of friendship, of love, of caring about others, of service, of awesomeness, of so many different things Nathan left in my life to share with others.

Life is a never ending trip of ups and downs and all a rounds, and I'm right there in the mix of it all. I don't quiet know what my next step in life will be or what I am doing - but I am getting there. And We Laugh has been right there with me for the past four years.

I haven't written in here much because I have moved on in a way, if that makes sense. After I completed the 16-mile Out of the Darkness walk with AFSP in April 2015, I felt Nathan was telling me it was okay to move on. And you know what, it is. The past year has been difficult and challenging in many ways, but at the same time I have moved on in so many ways and I am so grateful for that. But a part of me will always still back with We Laugh - it will always be a part of me and me a part of you. We are each other.

Life is real, life is powerful, and because of that - we need each other. Don't forget that in a world filled with chaos. Please remember that.

As we continue on, one day I might pick up We Laugh or I might not...but for now I am saying goodbye, a type of see you later, folks.

My love, my devotion, and my words are needed in a different location, in a different place. And that's where I leave you now.

Thank you for being there for me, and for the laughter, most of all.



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