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A woman named Donny.

Dear readers,

Suicide was never an option in my life before May 12, 2012. I never really even thought about it. I thought it would never have a place in my life. But it did. It pounded into my life and took me for a ride I never thought before. It became very dear to my heart and soul. I fought for the next three years. I joined the ranks of volunteers with the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. I held my own Walk for Suicide Prevention and this past May participated in the sixteen mile walk in Dallas. Over and over my life is changed because of individuals that I've met along the way. When I joined the thousands that participated in the walk, I met a woman named Donny.

My brother Josh joined me for this trek. Before we registered, we were crossing the street and there was Donny. I spoke to her and she soon became a huge support system for me. She was there walking for her son and flew in from New Mexico. She joined my brother and I on this journey. Together we were a team. I would have never made it without her. On mile 15, it seemed like the longest mile to the finish line, she was right there beside me. Talking to me and became my support on that journey. Physically, that was the hardest thing I've ever done. I was exhausted. I was drained. But because of Donny and my brother, I finished. We pushed, we encouraged and we kept fighting together. It was amazing to do that together and I am so grateful for her and for her strength. You never know when you'll be that person to help one another on the trek. Reach out, share your experiences and be a shoulder to lean on.

Life is full of those up and down moments and I am so grateful those two people were there to help me on my long walk. There were groups of people cheering for us as we kept going and that brightened my spirits. We were the last people to cross the finish line, but we did it. And for that I am so grateful for that.


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