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Dear readers,

Talia's Facebook Page 'Angels for Talia' updated us on Talia this morning. They said, "Talia had another platelet transfusion on Sunday and may need another transfusion this week. She is still having a lot of pain on her left hip. She will be having radiation to hopefully help with the pain starting this week. Tomorrow will be simulation and the radiation will start on Thursday, most likely for five days and they will be speaking with the radiologist tomorrow for further details. She is eating, but still has a lot of nausea. Please continue to send prayers."

Talia is going through an extremely difficult and painful time right now. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. But she somehow is able to keep her amazing personality shining bright. Here is here latest 'Cancer Vlog.'


And as I always say, we should all be a little more like Talia. 


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